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In a place called Les Folliets, the Anthonioz family from la ferme de Caroline tend to their alpine goats and Hérens cows.

Located in a favourable situation, in the middle of the summer pastures, flanked by the ski pistes of winter, Noël and Caroline Anthonioz pursue the many facets of their farming enterprise.

Bought in 1922 by Noël’s grandfather, the farm has evolved over the generations, and today follows many activities :

- Hill farming with the 10 or so Hérens milking cows and 70 heifer
- Raising alpine goats and the production of cheese
- Home-made preserves
- Hay making

ANE  la ferme de caroline
Vaches d`Herens  Vitrine de fromages

La ferme de Caroline belongs
to the Caprin syndicate
to the united organisation of the selection of alpine breeds

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